EV Road Trip Day 8 – Provo, UT to Bryce Canyon City, UT

We’ve been on the move for 9 hours, with about 5.5 hours of actual driving time. Let’s just say we took the scenic route. We knew this ahead of time which is why we planned to stay outside of the National Park where we can prepare for the next few days, charge up the car, and grab a hot meal before heading into Bryce and Zion for the three nights.

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Technical Details

  • 271.4 miles driven
  • 110 kWh used
  • 406 Wh/mi
  • $25.68 in paid charging

From Nephi, UT all the way to the turn off towards Bryce Canyon, there were head and cross winds that sustained around 15mph, and gusted up to 35mph. This increased electricity consumption by about 5-10%, and reduced our efficiency. The trip computer on the Tesla did a very good job at estimating arrival SoC.


With the crosswinds, FSD did a better job at keeping the car stable. I did not realized how strong the winds were until I took over for various reasons. The gusts were challenging, and FSD made quick work of it.

Time Lapse

Mount Nebo Scenic Drive

I can’t say that this scenic route was worth the time and detour during this time of year. Perhaps in fall when the leaves are changing colors and the sun is less intense would be better. You can get views of Utah Lake and the Utah Valley at the summit, which is around 8700 ft.

Serious Headwinds on the way to Beaver, UT

Mentioned above, we experienced some crazy winds on the way to the only Supercharger before we head into the national parks. I didn’t want more charge than necessary at Nephi, due to it being an expensive Supercharger.

Towards Bryce Canyon

Another one or two mountain passes and you get to the highland area where Bryce Canyon City is located. It’s scenic.

Tomorrow we’re heading into the National Park to spend the night in the lodge. There’s no wifi there, or cell coverage. So I’ll be breaking out the Starlink dish. Good night.

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