EV Road Trip Day 4 – Boise, ID to Twin Falls, ID

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Day 4 is a short drive to Twin Falls as a stop over on the way to Salt Lake City. This is to limit our driving time on the long days.

I-84. Just wide open high desert. Luckily the speed limit is 80 here.

We charged enough at Boise’s only Supercharger to arrive in Twin Falls with around 16%. The nice folks at Twin Falls Volkswagen are nice enough to open their CCS (which just happened to be the slowest DCFC I’ve ever used, peaking at 18kw, and tapering to 5kw.) and L2 charger. We needed to charge a little faster, so after a couple hours with the slow CCS, we went to the Twin Falls Supercharger.

Technical Details

  • 153 miles driven
  • 57 kWh used
  • $27.02 of paid charging.

Twin Falls

Let’s just say that I’m surprised at the natural beauty of Twin Falls. I totally was not expecting this.

Salt Lake City tomorrow.

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