There is so much beyond your borders. Leave your country and do it without breaking the bank.

I’ve chased the final boarding call numerous times catching flights from one country to another. And I’ve done it without breaking the bank, or sending my wallet on a diet. I’ve applied my technical background to scouring the web for the best deals from the US. It’s an amazing feeling when you can go to an airport, look at the departures board, pick a flight, and just go.


I am bad at Math so Kevin took over that $ part…but I am good at researching cool places to go.

I followed the ‘Do what you love’ golden rule to start this journal which focuses on Art & Culture. Don’t worry. Food is something that I would not dare to miss… Indeed, it is one of the most accessible cultural elements you can enjoy anywhere you go. Other than the travel guides you would typically get from Google search results, I am here to handpick places you can truly discover the cultural identity of that destination. I hope you will enjoy it.